Moxa MXIO Programming Library
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Free library that Linux programmers can easily develop custom applications, establish transparent communications with the host, and enjoy the benefits of using Linux with the entire Moxa ioLogik product family


- An intuitive method for obtaining remote I/O data
- Reduce development times with a large code repository
- Fully exploit active communications
- Automatic data updates from SD cards following network failures




Moxa MXIO Programming Library supports the WinCE and Linux operating systems, as well as the C++, VB/VC, and .NET development platforms. This library makes it easy to use high-level computer languages to manage I/O devices and data transfer operations over an Ethernet or RS-485 network, thanks to a large repository of C# and Visual Basic code samples. With Moxa's free MXIO library, Linux programmers can easily develop custom applications, establish transparent communications with the host, and enjoy the benefits of using Linux with the entire ioLogik product family.


An Intuitive Method for Obtaining Remote I/O Data
The MXIO Programming Library is a set of programming tools for developing data management applications for use on Ethernet or RS-485 networks, linking Moxa’s controllers and remote I/O devices. It includes direct I/O command sets that provide a more intuitive method for obtaining I/O data. Software developers no longer need to study the complex Modbus protocol to manage I/O monitoring and control functions, and engineers can obtain I/O data by using MXIO’s direct I/O commands to access any I/O point or channel with ease.


Reduce Development Times with a Large Code Repository
The MXIO Library includes many examples of sample code to help programmers reduce software development time and quickly get familiar with the API. Developers can use MXIO functions and demo programs as soon as they have installed the library.


Fully Exploit Active Communications
The MXIO Library provides active functions for receiving I/O configurations and status updates from Moxa’s controllers and remote I/O products. With revolutionary push technology, users can benefit from faster and more accurate data collection than traditional polling servers


MXIO Library can be used with the following products:
Moxa ioLogik E1200 series: Ethernet Remote I/O
Moxa ioLogik E2200 series: Ethernet Micro RTU Controller
Moxa ioThinx 4510 Series: IIoT Remote I/O

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