Ethernet Media Converters

Large selection of intelligent ethernet media converters. Fiber ethernet converters extend transmission distance up to 40km with a single mode. DSL ethernet extenders extend copper wires up to 8km. TNS Ethernet Media Converters are easy to use, versatile and rugged. Features range from PoE+ support, gigabit Ethernet, and redundant power design. Users can be confident of reliable operations in harsh environments.

Both ethernet to fiber media converter and ethernet extenders are viable solutions as they support a wide variety of protocols, data rates and media types to integrate seamlessly into various network infrastructures. Ethernet Extenders transparently extend 10/100/1000 Ethernet connections across single twisted pair ( CAT5/6/7 ), coax or any existing copper wiring up to 8km for SHDSL connection. For VDSL2 connection, transmission distance can be extended up to 3km.

For network data transmission beyond 3km, or if the environment is subject to high levels of electromagnetic interference (EMI), TNS recommends using Ethernet to fiber media converter. Electrical signals used in copper UTP cabling are converted to light waves used in multimode or single mode fiber optic cabling. This enables network devices with copper ports to transmit data up to 40km on single mode.