ioThinx 4530 IIoT Controllers
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Advanced IIoT Modular Remote I/O Adapter for up to 64 I/O modules with built-in Azure/AWS/Alibaba Cloud library

- Supports up to 64 I/O modules
- Built-in Azure/AWS/Alibaba Cloud library
- Easy tool-free installation and removal
- Built-in OPC UA server library
- Supports up to 64 45MR I/O and up to 5 45ML communication modules
- Wide operating temperature -40C to 75C model available
- Supports TPM v2.0 (optional)



Moxa ioThinx 4530 Series is an advanced modular controller product with a unique hardware design, making it an ideal solution for a variety of industrial data acquisition applications. The ioThinx 4530 Series has a unique mechanical design that reduces the amount of time required for installation and removal, simplifying deployment and maintenance.

Moxa iothinx 4500


Moxa ioThinx 4530 Series supports Moxa Industrial Linux and a builtin Azure/AWS/Alibaba cloud SDK so that users can easily save field data to different cloud accounts.

Saving field site data to the cloud to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) or implement predictive maintenance is an important aspect of IIoT or Industry 4.0 applications. To help users to connect to the cloud more easily, the ioThinx 4530 series has Azure/AWS/Alibaba cloud SDKs built in, saving engineers a lot of time on developing cloud connectivity applications.

Moxa iothinx 4500 cloud application