Serial Converter TCC-80I (Pre-order)

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Port-powered RS-232 to RS-422/485 converters with 2.5 kV isolation

Brand: Moxa

- External power source supported but not required
- Compact size
- Converts RS-422, and both 2-wire and 4-wire RS-485
- RS-485 automatic data direction control
- Automatic baudrate detection
- Built-in 120-ohm termination resistors
- 2.5 kV isolation 
- LED port power indicator


Moxa TCC-80I is the world’s first high-speed, isolated, self-powered converter. It is powered through the host’s RS-232 port and provides complete signal conversion between RS-232 and RS-422/485 devices. The TCC-80I coverts back and forth between RS-232’s TxD and RxD lines  to either half duplex 2-wire RS-485 or the balanced signal of full duplex 4-wire RS-422/485. In addition, the TCC-80I provides comprehensive 15  KV ESD protection for all serial lines. Perhaps the most important feature is the 2.5 KV isolation designed to prevent ground loop currents, reduce damage caused by data loss, and prevent damage to the communication interfaces. The TCC-80I is also designed to provide RS-485 auto data direction control, in which the RS-485 driver is enabled automatically when the circuitry senses the TxD output from the RS-232 signal. Programming effort is not required to control the transmission direction of the half duplex RS-485 signal


Port Power Dissipation

When installing an RS-232 port-powered TCC-80I converter, pay attention to the power consumption, RS-232 cable length, power provided by the serial port, and the RS-422 /485 transmission distance. In general, TCC-80I itself derives 70 mW from the power source; a 
standard COM port on a host PC can provide 70 to 90 mW of power if the TxD, RTS, and DTR lines are connected. Moreover, the RS-232 cable length should be shorter than 15 m (@ 9600 bps) to ensure that less power is lost from the host/device to the TCC-80I


LED Port Power Indicator
The best way to ensure the attached serial port provides enough electricity to the TCC-80I is to check the power indicator LED at the front panel. To do this, connect the TCC-80I to the target RS-232 port, and then turn the SW4 switch to the right side to the “Test” mode. The 
TCC-80I is receiving enough power if the LED lights up after activating the attached serial device. If the LED does NOT light up, you will need to attach the external power cord to the TCC-80I.


Optional External Power
Termination is a critical requirement for port-power devices such as the TCC-80I. In most circumstances, termination resistors are used when the RS-422/485 cable length is longer than 100 m. Regardless of how much the data signal is dissipated, the termination resistors absorb more than 75 mW of power from the power source when TCC-80I is unable to use the limited serial power. In other words, if long distance RS-422/485 transmission or termination is required, then an external USB power cord or DC power supply should be used (in this case, DIP SW3 must be ON).


Common TCC-80 Deployments
• Multipoint data acquisition
• Factory automation
• Remote serial device control
• Building security automation
• Critical industrial control

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