Serial Converter TCC-120I (Pre-order)

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Industrial RS-422/485 converter/repeater with optional 2 kV isolation, reverse power protection and auto baudrate detection

Brand: Moxa

- Boosts serial signal to extend transmission distance
- Wall mounting or DIN-rail mounting
- Terminal block for easy wiring
- Power input from terminal block
- DIP switch setting for built-in terminator (120 ohm)
- Boosts RS-422 or RS-485 signal, or converts RS-422 to RS-485
- 2 kV isolation protection 


Serial  RS-422/485 standards use a differential signal for transmitting data signals. In addition to distance and multi-drop issues for industrial applications, housing, wiring, power supply, and over-surge protection are also serious concerns. Moxa TCC-120I provides isolation protection for users who need an industrial grade repeater to extend RS-422/485 transmission distance and increase networking capability. The superior industrial application design of this product, which includes wall mounting, terminal block wiring, external terminal block power, and optical isolation for system protection, makes the TCC 120I suitable for use in critical industrial environments.


Isolation Protection Technology
Moxa’s electrical isolation technology uses two photo couplers to create a gap in each electrical signal. One photo coupler transforms the electrical signal into a light signal, which is transmitted across a small gap, and then the other photo coupler transforms the light back into an electrical signal. In this way, the two electrical circuits are completely isolated from each other, limiting the damage that could otherwise be caused by ground loops in the electrical signal.


Built-in RS-485 ADDC Intelligence
ADDC™ (Automatic Data Direction Control) is a Moxa technology that uses a hardware design to manage RS-485’s data flow control problem. ADDC™ is a hardware data flow solution that automatically senses and controls data direction, making the handshaking signal method unnecessary.


Reverse Power Protection
Reverse Power Protection feature provides extra protection against accidentally connecting the power cables to the wrong terminal. The converter is designed to automatically detect which power wire is positive and which is  negative, and power supply is adjusted accordingly


DIP Switch Selectable Terminator
For many products of this type, the termination resistor commonly located inside the product’s casing. Moxa TCC-100 Series’ terminator is configured with a DIP switch located on the outside of the converter’s casing.


Auto Baudrate Detection
Moxa  TCC 100 Series incorporates a method for automatically detecting the serial signal’s baudrate by hardware. Even if a device’s baudrate changes, the signal will still be transmitted through the RS-232 to RS-422/485 converter without any problem

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