Din-Rail Mounting Kit DK-35A
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Features and Benefits

Industrial grade Din-Rail Mounting Kit. Dimensions: 42.5 x 10 x 19.34mm

Compatible with the following Moxa Product Series:

MGate Series Nport Series
MGate 3180 Series Nport 5100 Series
MGate 3280 Series Nport 5100A Series
MGate 3480 Series Nport 5200 Series
  Nport 5200A Series
Others Nport 5400 Series
Uport 1150I Nport 6150
Uport 1250/1250I Nport 6250
Uport 404/407 Nport 6450
TCF 142 Series Nport W2150A
TCC 100/100I Series Nport W2250A
TCC 120/120I Series