Telecommunication Remote Control Maintenance
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Chung-Hwa Telecomm a high tech telecommunication service provider in Taiwan have chosen to usee MOXA CN2500 Async Server as an async device server to connect async-interface equipment, and as a remote access server to connect modems. CN2500 Async Server, which supports a 10/100 Mbps LAN interface, allows multi-platform PC and Workstation hosts to control distributed RS-232 devices via a TCP/IP network.

CN2500, which is located in a remote office, can be connected to a variety of telecommunication devices, such as switches and MUX units, giving hosts in the OMC (Operation Maintenance Centre) the ability to monitor data and control and maintain devices at any time. In addition, if the Ethernet connection crashes, the PPP connection can be used as a backup. Placing CN2500 in the Call Centre provides remote dial-up access from the Call Centre to the OMC, and easy access to the database server on the network. MOXA CN2500 Async Server has a proven reliability for large user groups, and is widely used by many telecommunication businesses.

System Requirements

- Complete reliable access to mainframes over a TCP/IP network.

- Flexible and reliable solution for the telecommunication industry to build a converged network

- Utilize your existing infrastructure.