Ethernet Switch EDS 205A

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5 port unmanaged Ethernet switch, redundant dual power input, IP30 aluminium housing

Brand: Moxa

- 10/100BaseT(X) (RJ45 connector)
- Redundant dual 12/24/48 VDC power inputs
- Support Auto negotiation speed, Full/half duplex mode
- Supports Auto MDI/MDI-X connection
- Overload current protection 
- Reverse polarity protection 
- Configurable broadcast storm protection
- Operating temperature range -10 to 60C 
- Rugged hardware design certified for hazardous locations (Class 1 Div. 2/ATEX Zone 2), transportation (NEMA TS2/EN 50121-4), and maritime environments (DNV/LR/ABS/NK)
- Models with single/multi-mode fiber connection (ST/SC Connectors) available
- Gigabit/wide temperature models available



Moxa EDS-205A Series 5-port industrial unmanaged Ethernet switch support IEEE 802.3 and IEEE 802.3u/x with 10/100M full/half-duplex, MDI/MDI-X auto-sensing. EDS-205A features 12/24/48 VDC (9.6 to 60 VDC) redundant power inputs that can be connected simultaneously to live DC power sources.  If one power source fails, the other live source acts as a backup, and automatically supplies all of the EDS’s power needs. All models are subjected to a 100% burn-in test to ensure that they fulfill the special needs of industrial automation control applications. Moxa EDS-205A feature DIP switches to configure broadcast storm protection. Certified for harsh environments, such as in maritime (DNV/GL/LR/ABS/NK), rail wayside, highway, or mobile applications (EN 50121-4/NEMA TS2/e-Mark), or hazardous locations (Class I Div. 2, ATEX Zone 2) that comply with FCC, UL, and CE standards.


Dual Speed Functionality and Switching
Moxa EDS 205A 10/100 Mbps switched RJ45 port auto negotiates with the connected device for the fastest data transmission rate supported by both devices. This is a plug-and-play devices, where software configuration is not required at installation, or during maintenance. The half/full duplex mode for the switched RJ45 ports is user dependent and changes (by auto-negotiation) to full or half duplex, depending on which transmission speed is supported by the attached device.


Switching, Filtering, and Forwarding 
Each time a packet arrives at one of the switched ports, a decision is made to either filter or forward the packet. Packets with source and destination addresses belonging to the same port segment will be filtered, constraining those packets to one port, and relieving the rest of the network from the need to process them. A packet with destination address on another port segment will be forwarded to the appropriate port, and will not be sent to the other ports where it is not needed. Packets that are used to maintain the operation of the network (such as the occasional multi-cast packet) are forwarded to all ports. The switch operates in the store-and-forward switching mode, which eliminates bad packets and enables peak performance to be achieved when there is heavy traffic on the network. 


Switching and Address Learning
Moxa EDS 205A has an address table that can hold up to 1024 addresses, which makes it suitable for use with large networks. The address tables are self-learning, so that as nodes are added or removed, or moved from one segment to another, the EDS automatically keeps up with new node locations. An address-aging algorithm causes the least-used addresses to be deleted in favor of newer, more frequently used addresses. 


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