CAN to Fiber Converter ICF-1171I
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Industrial CAN-to-fiber converters for distance extension

- Transmits data for up to 40 km over optical fiber
- Converts CAN signals to fiber and vice versa
- Supports CAN 2.0A, CAN 2.0B, and CAN FD; conforms with the ISO 11898 standard
- CAN 2.0 supports auto-baudrate
- CAN 2.0 arbitration rate up to 1 Mbps
- CAN FD arbitration rate up to 1 Mbps; data rate up to 5 Mbps
- Dual power inputs for redundancy
- Wide-temperature model available for -40 to 75°C environments
- DIP switch for 120-ohm terminal resistance
- Rotary switches for CAN 2.0/CAN FD arbitration and data rate configuration
- LEDs for CAN bus diagnostics, fiber diagnostics, and power input status




The ICF-1171I Series CAN-to-fiber converters are used in pairs to connect two CAN 2.0 or two CAN FD devices or networks via single-mode or multi-mode optical fiber. The ICF-1171I provides 2-kV isolation protection for the CAN interface and dual power inputs to ensure that your CANbus system will work uninterrupted.