Bluetooth Connectivity to Payment Terminals
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Currently technology utilizes wired or GSM/3G/4G network for mobile payment terminals.  This is expensive and heavily dependent  on TELCO fixed line or Cellular networks.

Bluetooth Technology is one of the fastest growing wireless solutions. Manufacturers of Payment Terminals are always looking to make sales transactions more efficient. To give many competitors a competitive edge many Payment Terminal manufacturers are enabling Bluetooth technology within their payment  terminals.

By making use of Sena's Parani-MSP100 Bluetooth Access Point, allows payment terminal manufacturers to create a fast and efficient Bluetooth infrastructure for their Bluetooth Enabled Payment Terminals


  • Low-Cost solutions allowing you to create a Bluetooth Infrastructure eliminating the use of wires or line-of-sight.
  • Increase convenience by bringing the point-of-sale to your customers.
  • Increased security with secure and encrypted wireless transmissions.
  • Create up to 14 simultaneous Bluetooth connections.
  • Users can travel up to distances of 1km with optional antennas.