480W Din-Rail Power Supply CP20.481
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480 Watt, 48V, 10A compact industrial din-rail power supplies for 1-phase system

- AC 100-240V Wide-range input
- Width measures only 48mm
- Efficiency up to 96.3%
- Excellent partial load efficiency
- 20% Output power reserves
- Safe HiccupPLUS overload mode
- Easy fuse breaking - 3 times nominal current for 12ms
- Active power factor correction (PFC)
- Minimal inrush current surge
- Full power between -25°C and +60°C
- DC-OK relay contact
- Current sharing feature for parallel use



PULS Dimension CP20.481 Series industrial power supply offers high efficiency, electronic inrush current limitation, active PFC, wide operational temperature range in a compact din-rail form factor. The small size is achieved by a synchronous rectification, LLC technology


PULS CP20.481 Series offers a power reserve of 20% included, which may even be used continuously at temperatures up to +45°C. Additionally, the CP20.481 can deliver about 3 times the nominal output current for 12ms which helps to trip fuses on faulty output branches. High immunity to transients and power surges as well as low electromagnetic emission, a DC-OK relay contact and a large international approval package make this unit suitable for industrial applications.


Safety features range from output over-voltage protection, input transient protection, isolation resistance safety feature and more. Supplementary redundancy modules can be added for redundant system design.


PULS CP20.481 Series can be operated in several modes* 

(a) Parallel use to increase output power
(b) Parallel use for redundancy
(c) Series operation
(d) Charging of VRLA/SLA batteries
(e) Two phase operation

*Please refer to datasheet on full details