Intrusion Prevention System & Firewall IEF-G9010 Series

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8 GbE copper + 2 GbE SFP multiport industrial next-generation firewall

Brand: Moxa

- Compact industrial next-generation firewall for network segmentation
- Industrial-grade Intrusion Prevention/Detection System (IPS/IDS)
- Object-based policy enforcement rules for protocol filtering and traffic control
- Easy network setup with Network Address Translation (NAT)
- Full OT network visibility when used with Security Dashboard Console (SDC)
- -40 to 75°C wide operating temperature range (-T models)



Moxa IEF-G9010 Series is a next-generation industrial firewall. This industrial IPS firewall segments and hides your network and protect mission-critical assets with industrial-grade IPS and granular access control. Moxa Security Dashboard Console (SDC) software, when used together with the IEFG9010 Series, offers another layer of protection through centralized critical asset visibility, network analysis, and auto pattern updating.


Centrally Manage Network Security and Enhance OT Visibility

Moxa IEF-G9010 Series sniffers network traffic and gives users full visibility of current assets and connections, which helps administrators and operators understand the real-time conditions of the OT system. When connected to Security Dashboard Console, a security management platform, the administrators or operators can effectively manage and monitor all the intrusion prevention systems from a single space. This provides an easier way to monitor the devices and execute policy, firmware, and pattern updates.


Dynamically Prevent Malicious Cyber Threat Activity Affecting Your System

IEF-G9010 Series is designed to protect mission-critical assets at the OT network edge. It silently analyzes network traffic in the background and offers granular behavior monitoring and control of cyber activities. These firewall devices provide both “Monitor” and “Protect” modes to facilitate different OT scenarios. Monitoring mode gives administrators full visibility of cyber threat activities. In the case of an emergency, administrators can easily switch to “Protect” mode to block and contain any malicious operations.


Industrial Protocol Whitelist Control for Mission-critical Assets

Using advanced Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology, Moxa IEF-G9010 Series features industrial protocol awareness to offer granular command of control system traffic to critical controllers.


Virtual Patching and Intelligent Threat Protection

Frequent patching significantly reduces a system’s vulnerability to cyberthreats. However, patching continues to be a major challenge in OT environments because OT applications cannot afford interrupting operations by shutting down systems to apply patches. Virtual patching technology can help complement existing patch management processes by shielding known and unknown vulnerabilities. Virtual patching acts as an agentless emergency security tool that OT administrators and operators can use to address vulnerabilities on affected OT equipment quickly. The IEF-G9010 Series provides advanced protection against threats with up-to-date threat information and guards your systems against undisclosed and zero-day threats.

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