Serial Converter TCC-82
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Port-powered RS-232 4-channel isolators


- Four channels of 4 kV RMS isolation for 1 minute
- External power source supported but not required
- Automatic baudrate detection
- Compact size




The TCC-82 provides full electrical isolation for bidirectional serial communication between two RS-232 devices in a compact, industrial-grade package. Both sides of an RS-232 connection are isolated optically to provide perfect protection against lightning surges, accidental high-voltage shorts, and ground loops. The built-in, wide range isolators are tested to ensure that they can withstand more than 4 kV rms input to output for one minute. This means that the TCC-82 not only meets the requirements of general serial data communications, but also the high standards required by industrial automation and medical applications. The TCC-82 protects the TxD and RxD data lines, and it also protects the RTS and CTS handshake lines for a total of four isolated channels to provide complete protection of your RS-232 applications.