Network Video Recorder MxNVR-MO4
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Product Phase Out Notification

[Updated on 15 August 2017]

Due to discontinuation of critical component, Moxa will will cease production of Network Video Recorder MxNVR-MO4 from 1 September 2017. 

Features and Benefits

- Embedded system with low power consumption; no heater and fan required
- Transmits and records the H.264 and MJPEG video streams simultaneously
- One SATA interface for 2.5 inch hard disk or SSD (solid state disk)
- Meets EN 61373 vibration criteria with a built-in 2.5 inch hard disk
- Anti-vibration with built-in M12 Ethernet and power input connector, DB9 audio inputs, and DI/DO connector
- EN 50155 compliant in EMC, shock, vibration and temperature criteria (T model supports TX temperature level with -40º to 75º degree operating temperature; SSD required)
- DynaStream supported for optimized network efficiency
- ONVIF comformity for standardization and interoperability
- Support DHCP OPT66/67 for auto-configuration


Moxa's MxNVR-MO4 is a network DVR (digital video recorder), which can transmit and record the H.264 or MJPEG video streams simultaneously. With the rugged design that meets the EN 50155 criteria of power characteristic, EMC, vibration, shock and temperature (T model, T3 temperature level), Moxa MxNVR-MO4 is suitable for rolling stock IP video surveillance applications. Moxa's MxNVR-MO4 also passed the anti-vibration test of the EN 50155 standard with a 2.5-inch hard disk, delivering highly reliable storage performance for rolling stock applications. The MxNVR-MO4 can be triggered to record by system booting, by event, by schedule, or by external commands, such as CGI or SNMP. The embedded DyanStreamTM function increases the network transmission efficiency by dynamically adjusting the video frame rate. To prevent unauthorized access, the advanced 802.1X authentication is offered for high network security. Moxa's MxNVR-MO4 also supports ONVIF standard to be easily integrated and interoperated with the 3-party systems and software.